Kevin Clarke

Kevin Clarke
  • Manager – Market Engagement, Market Oversight and Delivery
  • Company: Lloyd’s of London

Having left school at seventeen Kevin started work in Lloyd’s Salvage Arbitration Branch in July 1979; declining positions at Reuters, because they wanted him to work Saturdays, and the Bank of England, because the starting wage offered was £200 below that being offered by Lloyd’s (namely £2,500).

Having done so Kevin has now accrued 43 years experience in handling LOF cases and is a member of the Lloyd’s Salvage Group and SCOPIC Committee.

He has always enjoyed sport; in his early days playing football at a half-decent level, before taking-up running.  However these days he needs a little help getting around so in recent years has taken-up cycling, although he has so far resisted the temptation of purchasing an e-bike.

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