John Poulson

John Poulson
  • Director & Chief Surveyor
  • Company: Poulson Marine Consultants

John S Poulson, Director & Chief Surveyor, Poulson Marine Consultants, New York

John joined ‘The Bank Line’ of Glasgow and London from school at age 16 in 1975. His studies and subsequent career at sea in the Merchant Navy took him from Engineer Cadet, through the ranks to become Chief Engineer of Ocean-Going Ships at the age of 28.

Which means that, although he doesn’t want to admit it, he now has forty eight years’ experience working in the maritime industry – in which he is happily more active than ever.

John’s first trip to sea included a major engine room fire and throughout his surveying career he has surveyed the consequences of – and investigated the causes – of many engine room fires.

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