Marine Claims International Day One: 28th September 2022

All times are in British Summer Time (BST)



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Welcome Address

Presenter: Grant Attwell, Director, Cannon Events



Keynote Address: Putting the S into ESG

ESG is not all about climate change and the environment and there is growing realisation that the shipping industry must pay as much attention to the S for Social. Covid-19 taught the sector the importance of looking after crew, something that has come to the fore once more in Ukraine. This session considers recent claims related to crew and how the industry can do more to look after its most important asset: its people.

Presenter: Christen Guddal, Chief Claims Officer, Gard AS



Panel Discussion: Like Waiting on London Buses

Supply chain problems have been increasing for the past couple of years, initially as a result of the Covid-19 lockdowns. However, the Ukraine war has thrown global supply chains into further chaos, while Covid-19 still presents some challenges. This session delves into the way in which supply chain disruptions are fuelling the spiralling cost of claims and asks whether insurers are reserving sufficiently for those extra costs.

Moderator: Nick Burgess, Partner, BDM Law

Panellists: Frazer Hunt, Partner, Mills Oakley

Lorenzo Lonoce, Managing Partner, Rely Marine&Energy Experts

Andrew Pike, Head of Ports, Transport and Logistics, Bowmans

Frederick (Billy) Swaim III, Partner, Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith


Bunker Chat: Live from Odesa

We chat to Arthur Nitsevych, a marine lawyer working in Odesa, about the challenges facing the shipping sector in Ukraine since the Russian invasion and how the marine market is adapting to a life at war.

Participants: Arthur Nitsevych, Partner, Interlegal

Gavin Fitzmaurice, Partner, Webber Wentzel


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Panel Discussion: Ukraine: A Systemic Shock, But What of the Claims?

Since war broke out in Ukraine, the shipping industry has been in a state of flux. This session takes a look at the latest position, including the question of whether this is actually a war, but also considers the environmental impact of such a systemic shock. We also discuss the possibility of claims on any of the 96 vessels still in or around Ukrainian ports. Other considerations will include evacuation claims and unsafe port claims.

Moderator: Caglar Coskunsu, Partner, Cavus & Coskunsu Law Firm

Panellists:Herman Steen, Partner, Wikborg Rein LLP

David Richards, Director (Claims), North P&I Club


Panel Discussion: Sanctions – Can it be Business as Usual?

After the sudden wave of US and European sanctions against Russia, this session will delve into how these sanctions have worked and ask whether imposing so many different rules so quickly has led to any claims hitting the marine market. We place some focus on the yacht sector, not just at the risks around seized yachts, but also the impact on ship building yards.

Moderator: Chris Zavos, Partner, Kennedys

Panellists: George M Chalos, Principal and Founder, Chalos & Co – International

Law Firm

Chris Grieveson, Partner, Wikborg Rein LLP

Fionna Gavin, Partner, Ince

Neil Roberts, Head of Marine and Aviation, Lloyd’s Market Association


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Presentation: What is the ‘China Effect’?

This session considers the growing influence of Chinese salvors across the world, and in Asian waters in particular. We ask how wreck removal is changing as more Chinese operators start to ply their trade and what impact might that have on the global market, and on costs for insurers.

Presenter: Daniel Dettor, General Manager, Resolve Marine


Panel Discussion: Fire! Fire! Claims Mount Up

The number of fire incidents on board vessels continues to climb and the industry has yet to find a workable solution to the problem. Lithium batteries have been identified as a potential risk, but plenty of chemicals are still causing fires. What can be done to reduce the risks and, ultimately, the claims?

Moderator: Ulf Lixfeld, Managing Director, OWL Marine Insurance Brokers

Panellists: John Dolan, Deputy Director of Loss Prevention, Standard Club

John Gow, Technical Director Marine, Jensen Hughes

Ton van den Broek, Technical Sales Consultant, BELFOR Technology (Nederland) BV

Adrian Scales, Head of Nautical, Brookes Bell


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Presentation: Where are the Hull Claims?

Insurers are reporting a dearth of hull claims reaching the market currently. This session asks whether that is because owners have improved their risk management in the face of higher premiums or is it the high demand for vessels and record freight rates which is keeping them out of the repair yards – and is there a risk of a surge in claims the moment the market dips once again?

Presenter: Francesco Zolezzi, Claims Manager, CR International


Presentation: Article 13, Now and in the Future

The session explores how article 13 has developed over time and how it may develop in the future.

Presenter: Richard Janssen, Managing Director, SMIT Salvage


Presentation: Up, Up and Away

Claims costs are continuing to spiral, fuelled by costs emerging from the US. This session explores whether or not that social inflation is reaching this side of the pond and whether other factors are also likely to play into those rapidly increasing costs.

Presenter: Aaron Greenbaum, Partner, PJGG Law


Case Study Session: A Look Back in Time

This session takes the case studies of two major losses that still resonate through the claims community today. First, we will look at theEver Given, discussing the final consequences for the market from both a hull and cargo perspective, and ask what lessons there are for the future. Then, we will go further back in time to discuss the Costa Concordia and the way it has shaped today’s global salvage market, including its impact on costs.

Moderator: Simon Jackson, Partner, Clyde & Co LLP

Alan McKinnon, Chief Claims Officer, UK P&I Club

Phil Reed, Managing Director, Reed Maritime


Close of Conference Day One


WORKSHOP SESSIONS: Wednesday 28th September




Presentation: Can A Headline-Making Judgment Be Avoided in U.S. Courts?

U.S. lawyers consistently advise that U.S. juries are unpredictable and that a trial in some jurisdictions should be avoided at all costs.But with what seems to be an increasing trend towards massive judgments, is there any way to avoid a significant pay-out in U.S. courts?This presentation takes a deep dive into some of these recent headline-making judgments and explores ways to avoid being on the wrong end of one such judgment.













Presenter: Laura Gongaware, Senior Associate, Clyde & Co LLP









Presentation: ESG Costs – Do We Need to Consider Sustainability Principles in Casualty Management?


Presenter: Nicky Cariglia, Director/Independent Consultant, Marittima Ltd




Presentation: A Move to Maritime Decarbonisation – EEXI and CII IMO 2023 and Beyond

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set ambitious decarbonisation targets for the shipping industry and the key dates for compliance are edging closer. Following on from COP26, targets were set for a 40% reduction in methane by 2030 with an urgent need to decarbonise

This workshop will look at the gradual shift towards maritime decarbonisation, identifying the current regulations outlined by the IMO – EEXI and CII 2023 regulations, what this means for the industry, the alternative fuels currently available and how to prepare for the changes.

Presenter: Kenneth English, Consultant Marine Engineer, Waves Group




Presentation: Electronic Bills of Lading – What is the Future?

The potential positive impacts of using electronic bills of lading are vast, yet the vast majority of trade remains paper based.Will legislative change now pave the way for widespread adoption of electronic bills of lading? Are there other barriers to overcome?

Presenter: Camilla Slater, Group Secretariat Member, International Group of P&I Clubs


Marine Claims International Day Two: 29 September 2022

All times are in British Summer Time (BST)



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Welcome Address

Grant Attwell, Director, Cannon Events



Presentation: Testing Times for Bunker Fuels

Recently there have been a number of claims resulting from bunker contamination in Singapore, with vessels reporting bunkers contaminated with organic chlorides. This session looks at where the problem may have stemmed from and asks what the practical implications could be in bringing claims.

Presenter: John Poulson, Director and Chief Surveyor, Poulson Marine Consultants



Panel Discussion: What’s in the Box?

In recent years, the marine market has escaped any major pollution incidents redefining the global regulations. So, in this session, we talk about fears for the future and in particular, about the real risk of pollution from nurdles. We discuss what can be done from a regulatory point of view and how the market should be adapting

Moderator: John Giffin, Partner, Keesal, Young & Logan

Panellists: Stephane Grenon, Principal, Triox Environmental Emergencies

Capt. John Owen, Director, Bernicia Marine Consultants Limited

Neale Rodrigues, Master Mariner, Group Director – Insurance Services, TMC Marine



Panel Discussion: Can the Way We Use Technology be Relied On?

The means by which seafarers plan voyages and navigate their ships has evolved significantly in the last 20 years with the introduction of electronic charts (ECDIS). A recent MAIB study identified a number of casualties where the improper use of ECDIS was an operating cause, but deficient passage plans created on ECDIS may also have a bearing on whether a vessel can be considered seaworthy. In this session, our panel will discuss the merits of ECDIS as a navigation tool, why it’s improper use is giving rise to casualties and how we can improve the safety of navigation with ECDIS.

Moderator: Donal Keaney, Senior Marine Manager, Ince

Panellists: Ian Teare, Partner, Hill Dickinson LLP

Peter A. McLauchlan, Managing Partner, The McLauchlan Law Group

Mark Russel, Head of Cargo Claims, Gard (UK) Ltd

Jim Clark, Associate Director, MatthewsDaniel


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Presentation: Trending Issues in Hull and Cargo Insurance

Recently, there have been a number of court decisions which apply traditional marine insurance legal principles to hull and cargo claims arising in a changing world. This talk considers those court decisions, with a view to testing the legal principles and to looking to the future development of the law.

Presenters: Peter MacDonald Eggers QC, Barrister, 7 King’s Bench Walk

Sandra Healy, Barrister, 7 King’s Bench Walk


Panel Discussion: Why Does the Market Want Lloyd’s Salvage Arbitration?

After Lloyd’s decided not to cancel its Salvage Arbitration branch last year, the question for the market is: why do you want it? This session looks at recent work done by Lloyd’s to establish what happens next, and also includes a look at why the market was so determined to keep the service. It will also include a look at LOF in its current form and asks whether that remains fit for purpose.

Moderator: Andrew Chamberlain, Partner and Mariner, HFW

Panellists: Ben Harris, Head of Claims – London Branch, Shipowners’Club

Nick Coleman, Senior Claims Executive, Gard AS

Kevin Clarke, Manager – Market Engagement, Market Oversight and Delivery, Lloyd’s of London

Kerime Huseyin, Senior Claims Executive, TT Club



Presentation (Under 35’s): Training the Next Generation of Experts: A Future Problem?

With more people working from home and spending less time in the office and Lloyd’s, younger professional are finding they have less time learning face to face. It needs to be recognised that, despite the post-pandemic environment providing a lot of benefits, there are several challenges that also come with it. I will therefore plan to explore these in this presentation, and question if there’s anything that can be done to resume the training and development of the next generation of marine insurance experts.

Presenter:Rob King, Senior Associate, Clyde & Co LLP


Luncheon sponsored by Ince and Close of Conference


WORKSHOP SESSION: Thursday 29th  September




Presentation: Reducing Emergency Response and Wreck Removal Costs


Presenter: Henk Smith, Owner/Director, Marine Masters