Agenda 2023


 Day One: 28th September 2023

The Grand Hotel Malahide


All times are in British Summer Time (BST)



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Welcome Address

Presenter: Grant Attwell, Director, Cannon Events


Panel Discussion: How is the Market Shaping Up?

The marine insurance market is always in a state of flux, but increasingly, the lines are blurring between the P&I Clubs and the commercial market. In this session we consider the direction of travel for the marine market and also discuss some of the claims that can cause tension between the different insurers involved.




Presenter: Buyer Beware, or is it Insurer Beware?

Most of the vessels trapped in Ukrainian ports after the Russian invasion are now considered CTLs. However, in a first for the market, buyers are coming forward to purchase the vessels complete with their cargoes, reducing the final cost of the claims for the insurers. This is not without challenge, something we will explore in this session.



Interview: Our Friend in Ukraine – Taking the Longer-Term View

Looking ahead to the future, Arthur Nitsevych of InterLegal provides an update on the current situation in Ukraine for the marine market and looks ahead to rebuilding the country.

Participants: Arthur Nitsevych, Partner, Interlegal


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Presentation: Working in the Shadows – The Dark Fleet

The marine insurance market is watching carefully to see whether sanctions against Russia have changed the geographical location of placing the insurances and re-insurances. At the same time, there is a growing dark fleet emerging. In this session, we consider the changing shape of the marine insurance market and also, the potential practical implications of collisions involving a dark vessel.



Presentation: The US – Judge, Jury and Executioner?

The question of whether the US can truly act as the world’s policeman is manifesting itself in a number of ways in the marine market. In this session, we look at some of the practical implications of the dictatorial US view on the marine claims environment.

Presenter: George Chalos, Partner, Chalos International Law Firm


Presentation: Make your Claim ‘Reinsurance Ready’

In this session we ask whether claims handlers and professionals fully understand the reinsurance process and how they should make claims ‘reinsurance ready’. We ask a reinsurance expert for top tips on presenting the claims settlement in the best possible manner.



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Panel Discussion: Who’s to Blame for Engine Room Claims?

Crew are often blamed after a fire in an engine room, but is that really justified? In this session, we analyze recent incidents and ask where the blame truly lies and who should be paying the claims.

Moderator: John Poulson, Director and Chief Surveyor, Poulson Marine



Presentation: Planning a Different Approach – The Nordic Plan


In the past year, the well-supported Nordic Marine Insurance Plan has been amended. This session considers the new shape to the Nordic Plan and how it differs from the London market approach.

Presenter: Herman Steen, Partner, Wikborg Rein Advokatfirma AS


Panel Discussion: Would the Nordic Approach Work in London?

Would a more Nordic approach work in the London market? What would be the advantages/disadvantages? Is it time to discard the English view of not charging for the relationship?




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Presentation:  TBC




Presentation: In the Courts – Climate Change Litigation on the Rise

Climate change litigation is on the rise, but there are also growing concerns that US anti-trust litigation is becoming an issue for industries as they try to establish a positive way forward. In this session, we review where this litigation might lead together with regulatory challenges.



Presentation: Know Your Enemy – Climate Activists at Work

Both the marine and the insurance markets have been the target of activists trying to force them to change their behaviors to become ‘greener’, but what do the activists really have in mind? We hear from one activist who works closely with insurers in a positive way to influence decisions.



Panel Discussion: Where are the Claims? Part II…

Last year the number of claims dipped, with many believing that owners were holding off from making a claim or carrying out repairs while profits were so high. This session asks what has happened since, and has the much-discussed boom in claims materialized now that rates have settled? We also consider the impact of claims inflation on insurers.




Close of Conference Day One


                 WORKSHOP SESSIONS (20 mins each): Wednesday 28th September – Graham Bell Suite Level -1



Presentation: Ferrying the Batteries

There has been growing concern in the past couple of years around the risks for ferries of carrying electric vehicles. But what is really happening? Have there been claims and will it change the way ferries operate? We look at the latest guidance for vessel operators and their insurers.




Presentation: Overboard – Cargo Going Missing

Last year there were plenty of incidents of cargo going overboard as vessels were loaded to their limits in response to the supply chain crisis. This year the cases have reduced, but not gone away. We look at the recent claims trends and the problems behind the claims.




Presentation: Can you Insure Something  you do not Own?

This session reviews the case of Quadra Commodities v XL – one of three major cargo cases this year – and looks at the implications for the market going forward, asking can you insure something that was never yours?



Marine Claims International Day Two: 29th September 2023

All times are in British Summer Time (BST)



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Welcome Address

Grant Attwell, Director, Cannon Events


Presentation: From the Courts – The Most Recent Cases Explored

There are plenty of cases both new and old that are worth exploring. This session will include a catch up on the Costa Concordia and Golden Ray, as well as looking at more recent cases including the Flaminia 2 case and the FMG Sydney collision case, PT Adidaya Energy Mandiri v MS First Capital Insurance Ltd and Piraeus Bank v Antares ruling.

Presenter: Richard Sarll, Barrister, 7 Kings Bench Walk


Presentation: Ship Master or Drug Mule? The Risk of the Unexpected Cargo

There are increasing incidences of drug smuggling around the world and vessels are being used by criminals as an unwitting part of that trend. Often, the innocent seafarers are arrested and imprisoned, sometimes for long periods. As drug smuggling is generally excluded under the main policy forms there is a gap in cover, which is sometimes filled by bespoke ‘drug-seize’ policies. 

Presenter: Simon Jackson, Partner, Clyde & Co



Panel Discussion: Bite-Sized – From Casualties to Talent

The Joint Marine Claims Committee reviews its work with the market this year and provides bite-sized analysis of the key topics, from casualties and salvage to talent and training.

ModeratorAmy Dallaway, Claims Manager, Lancashire Group



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Presentation: Salvage – Not in That Backyard

What happens if a vessel gets into trouble or has a collision in sanctioned waters? This session will consider the likely reaction of salvors and the legal morass in which they are operating. We will also explore how insurers can pay such claims.



Presentation: LOF Update. What’s Next?

In this session we provide an update on the status of the Lloyd’s Open Form and detail what’s next  for the arrangement.

Presenter: Ben Harris, Head of Claims- London Branch, Shipowners Club


Presentation: Making the Right Fuel Choice – The Salvage View

Vessel owners have been looking at myriad fuel solutions, but how do salvors view the changing landscape? This session will explore the new challenges emerging from different fuel types. We will hear from salvors to get their perspective on how their sector will cope with the demand for new equipment and new solutions, and discover what this might mean for claims’ costs.



Panel Discussion: General Average – Does it Remain Fit for Purpose?

In the wake of the Ever Given incident, the marine insurance market has been debating whether general average remains the best way to do business. In this session, we look at general average from the claims perspective and in the light of the Ever Given.




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                 WORKSHOP SESSIONS (20 mins each): Thursday 29th September – Graham Bell Suite Level -1



Presentation: Fitting the E-Bill

The UK is set to change its law on e-bills, so in this session we provide an overview of the new rules. However, whatever is set for the UK does not necessarily work in other jurisdictions, so we also explore how all the differing global rules mesh together and what that means for claims handling.

Presenter: Camilla Slater, International Group of P&I Clubs




Presentation: Maintaining the Principles – Ready to Foot the Bill?

This session will review the latest position on the Poseidon Principles, and also ask how ESG is affecting the claims and particularly the salvage. We will ask, if following good ESG principles adds, say, £5m to the bill, will insurers want to pay?