Agenda 2023

The Grand Hotel Malahide


27th September: Check in after 2pm

27th September: 18.00-22.00 –Welcome Drinks Reception at Gibneys.

28th September: 09.00-17.00 – Day 1 of conference at The Grand Hotel

28th September: 19.30-late – Evening gala dinner with entertainment

29th September: 09.00-13.00 – Day 2 of conference at The Grand Hotel

29th September: 13.00-15.00 – Farewell Luncheon at The Grand Hotel after which time guests depart at their leisure.


 Day One: 28th September 2023

All times are in British Summer Time (BST)



Registration and Refreshments sponsored by Clyde & Co


Welcome Address

Presenter: Grant Attwell, Events Director, Cannon Events



Panel Discussion: How is the Market Shaping Up?

The marine insurance market is always in a state of flux, but increasingly, the lines are blurring between the P&I Clubs and the commercial market. In this session we consider the direction of travel for the marine market, and also discuss some of the claims that can cause tension between the different insurers involved.

Moderator: Frank Sioli, Partner, SioliAlexanderPino

Panellists: Alan Mackinnon, Chief Claims Officer, UK P&I Club

Tim Morton, Claims Manager – Marine, Tokio Marine HCC

Suzanne Byrne, Group Head of Claims, West of England P&I Club

Svein Ringbakken, Managing Director, Den Norske Krigsforsikring for Skib (DNK)



Interview: Our Friend in Ukraine – Taking the Longer-Term View

Looking ahead to the future, Arthur Nitsevych of InterLegal provides an update on the current situation in Ukraine for the marine market and looks ahead to rebuilding the country.

Participants: Arthur Nitsevych, Partner, InterLegal

Iryna Petrenko, Manager of Claims and P&I Department, Nordic Marine Solutions (NMS)


Networking Break sponsored by Esenyel Partners



Presentation: Working in the Shadows – The Dark Fleet

The marine insurance market is watching carefully to see whether sanctions against Russia have changed the geographical location of placing the insurances and re-insurances. At the same time, there is a growing dark fleet emerging. In this session, we consider the changing shape of the marine insurance market and also, the potential practical implications of collisions involving a dark vessel.

Remote Presenter: Michelle Weise Bockmann, Senior Analyst and Markets Editor, Lloyd’s List Intelligence



Presentation: The US – Judge, Jury and Executioner?

The question of whether the US can truly act as the world’s policeman is manifesting itself in a number of ways in the marine market. In this session, we look at some of the practical implications of the dictatorial US view on the marine claims environment.

Presenter: George M. Chalos, Partner, Chalos & Co, P.C. – International Law Firm



Presentation: Make your Claim ‘Reinsurance Ready’

In this session we ask whether claims handlers and professionals fully understand the issues surrounding outward reinsurance recoveries and how they should make claims ‘reinsurance ready’. We ask a reinsurance expert to explore the key issues and to offer top tips to ensure that claims settlements are presented to reinsurers in the best possible manner.

Presenter: Anthony Menzies, Partner, DAC Beachcroft LLP


Lunch Break and Networking



Panel Discussion: Who’s to Blame for Engine Room Claims?

Crew are often blamed after a fire in an engine room, but is that really justified? In this session, we analyze recent incidents and ask where the blame truly lies and who should be paying the claims.

Moderator: John Poulson, Director and Chief Surveyor, Poulson Marine

Panellists: Helene Peter-Davies, Partner, Hill Dickinson LLP

Andrea Papaioannu, Marine Claims Lead, Vice President Corporate Solutions, Swiss Re

William Hope, Insurance and Claims Manager, V. Scope Risk Management



Presentation: Planning a Different Approach – The Nordic Plan

In the past year, the well-supported Nordic Marine Insurance Plan has been amended. This session considers the new shape to the Nordic Plan and how it differs from the London market approach.

Presenter: Herman Steen, Partner, Wikborg Rein Advokatfirma AS



Panel Discussion: Would the Nordic Approach Work in London?

Would a more Nordic approach work in the London market? What would be the advantages/disadvantages? Is it time to discard the English view of not charging for the relationship?

Moderator: Andrew Chamberlain, Partner, HFW

Panellists: Melis Otmar, Marine Claims Director, BMS Harris & Dixon Marine

Jeremy Hubbuck, Claims Director, Marine and Offshore Energy Practice, Willis Towers Watson AS

Johan Henriksson, Head of Marine Claims, Alandia


Networking Break sponsored by Esenyel Partners



Presentation: Lithium-Ion Battery Fires: A Forensic Examination

Join us on a whistle-stop journey through the smouldering world of lithium-ion battery fires as seen through the eyes of a forensic investigator. We will delve into the science behind these explosive incidents and discover how modern forensic investigation techniques can shed light on the causes of lithium-ion battery failures.

Presenter: Paul Willis, Principal Associate, Hawkins



Presentation: In the Courts – Climate Change Litigation on the Rise

Climate change litigation is on the rise, but there are also growing concerns that US anti-trust litigation is becoming an issue for industries as they try to establish a positive way forward. In this session, we review where this litigation might lead together with regulatory challenges.

Presenter: J. Clifton Hall III, Partner, Hall Maines Lugrin



Panel Discussion: Where are the Claims? Part II…

Last year the number of claims dipped, with many believing that owners were holding off from making a claim or carrying out repairs while profits were so high. This session asks what has happened since, and has the much-discussed boom in claims materialized now that rates have settled? We also consider the impact of claims inflation on insurers.

Moderator: Nick Burgess, Partner, BDM Law

Panellists: Francesco Zolezzi, Claims Manager, CR International

Victor Fenwick, Legal Director, HFW

Ruby Hassan, AVP, Claims Management Team, Skuld


Close of Conference Day One followed by Gala Dinner sponsored by Hawkins


WORKSHOP SESSIONS (20 mins each): Thursday 28th September – Graham Bell Suite Level -1




Presentation: Handling Salvage Claims in Turkish Straits

The Turkish Straits are a busy waterway connecting the Mediterranean and Black Sea covering Dardanelles, Bosporus and Marmara Sea where a state-owned salvage company called ‘Directorate General of Coastal Safety’ has monopoly rights. How can stakeholders avoid high salvage claims in the area that is still known with the old salvage agreement “Turkish Open Form”? If a vessel is in real danger, how should a salvage claim be handled?

Presenter: Caglar Coskunsu, Partner, Cavus & Coskunsu Law Firm




Presentation: Can You Insure Something You Do Not Own?

This session reviews the case of Quadra Commodities v XL – one of three major cargo cases this year – and looks at the implications for the market going forward asking, can you insure something that was never yours?

Presenter: Sandra Healy, Barrister, 7 King’s Bench Walk


Marine Claims International Day Two: 29th September 2023

All times are in British Summer Time (BST)



Registration and Refreshments sponsored by Clyde & Co


Welcome Address

Grant Attwell, Director, Cannon Events



Presentation: From the Courts – The Most Recent Cases Explored

There are plenty of cases both new and old that are worth exploring. This session will include a catch up on some of the more recent claims.

Presenter: Richard Sarll, Barrister, 7 King’s Bench Walk



Presentation: Ship Master or Drug Mule? The Risk of the Unexpected Cargo

There are increasing incidences of drug smuggling around the world and vessels are being used by criminals as an unwitting part of that trend. Often, the innocent seafarers are arrested and imprisoned, sometimes for long periods. As drug smuggling is generally excluded under the main policy forms there is a gap in cover, which is sometimes filled by bespoke ‘drug-seize’ policies. 

Presenter: Simon Jackson, Partner, Clyde & Co



Panel Discussion: Bite-Sized – From Casualties to Talent

The Joint Marine Claims Committee reviews its work with the market this year and provides bite-sized analysis of the key topics, from casualties and salvage to talent and training.

Moderator: Amy Eaves nee Dallaway, Claims Manager, Lancashire Group

Panellists: Jenna Hales, Marine, Energy and Specialty Claims Manager, Hiscox

John Walker, Managing Director, ABL Group

James Wright, Head of Marine and Energy Claims, Costero Brokers


Networking Break sponsored by Esenyel Partners




Presentation: Complex Salvage Projects

Salvage faces increasing challenges, not only operationally, but also the specialist support from the office is critical to a successful salvage operation. As vessels get bigger, the salvage operations also get bigger and more complex. Furthermore, the different types of cargo’s shipped (e.g. lithium batteries) don’t make salvage easier. Apart from the operational challenges, there are many challenges that need increasing support from the office that require specialist skills. We will discuss some recent cases to demonstrate what is required to deal with complex salvage projects.

Presenter: Richard Janssen, Managing Director, SMIT Salvage



Discussion: Salvage – Not in That Backyard

What happens if a vessel gets into trouble or has a collision in sanctioned waters? This session will consider the likely reaction of salvors and the legal morass in which they are operating. We will also explore how insurers can pay such claims.

Participants: George Tsavliris, Principal, Tsavliris Salvage Group

Martin Hall, Partner, Hill Dickinson



Presentation: Life is a Shipwreck, But We Must Not Forget to Sing in the Lifeboats (Voltaire)

Emergency Preparedness comparing responses in US waters vs International Waters.

The benefit of a pre-arranged agreement with the contracted salvor, remote assessments with experts, readiness drills and exercises for vessels familiarizing the shore based and shipboard personnel with the emergencies, damaged stability calculations, oil spill management and other OPA 90 requirements which several ship operators integrate into their Global emergency response planning.

Bas Michiels, Vice President, T&T Salvage

Elias Psyllos, Vice President, T&T Salvage



Presentation: Overboard – Cargo Going Missing

Last year there were plenty of incidents of cargo going overboard as vessels were loaded to their limits in response to the supply chain crisis. This year the cases have reduced, but not gone away. We look at the recent claims trends and the problems behind the claims.

Presenter: Malcolm Hartwell, Director, Norton Rose Fulbright



Panel Discussion: General Average – Does it Remain Fit for Purpose?

In the wake of the Ever Given incident, the marine insurance market has been debating whether general average remains the best way to do business. In this session, we look at general average from the claims perspective and in the light of the Ever Given.

Moderator: David Loh, Partner, KMA Zuckert

Panellists: David Richards, Deputy Global Head of P&I Claims/Head of Legal and Expertise, NorthStandard

Nick Coleman, Senior Claims Executive, Gard AS

Andrew Slade, Managing Director UK, Richards Hogg Lindley

Francisco M. Moncada, Partner, Francisco M. Moncada Maritime Lawyers


Luncheon and Close of Conference


WORKSHOP SESSIONS (20 mins each): Friday 29th September – Graham Bell Suite Level -1




Presentation: Fitting the E-Bill

The UK is set to change its law on e-bills, so in this session we provide an overview of the new rules. However, whatever is set for the UK does not necessarily work in other jurisdictions, so we also explore how all the differing global rules mesh together and what that means for claims handling.

Presenter: Camilla Slater, Member, Group Secretariat, International Group of P&I Clubs