2021 Agenda

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Thursday 30th September



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Welcome Address

Daniel Creasey, Managing Director, Cannon Events


Keynote Address: Doing the Right Thing

Fairness and equality must become the bywords for the marine sector if it is to remain sustainable into a long-term future. This keynote discusses the opportunities and the challenges ahead for the sector and will stress the importance of ‘doing things in the right way’, from designing vessels and their fuels, to the handling of crew and the settling of claims.

Presenter: Andreas Brachel, Vice President – Head of Environmental Claims, Gard


Panel Discussion: Turning the Tide?

This session provides an overview of the potential impact of climate change on the shipping industry and the need to consider broader sustainability issues, from the types of fuel used to pollution incidents. Meanwhile, there is a growing body of litigation against the oil majors and the question for the marine sector is how quickly that could be turned into cases against the industry. This session explores the growing regulatory frameworks and how these might emerge as claims in the future.

Moderator: Chris Gascoigne, Head of Marine Engineering Services, Solis Marine Consultants

Panellists: Sora Jeon, Partner, Tatham Macinnes LLP

Nick West, Vice President, Property and Specialty Underwriting, Swiss Re

Prof.Dr. Sebastián Díaz Ribes, Partner, Bufete Díaz 

Julian Clark, Global Senior Partner, Ince


Refreshment and Networking Break sponsored by Jensen Hughes


Presentation: Warranties in the Age of The Insurance Act 2015

Insurance warranties are one of the most distinctive features of the law of marine insurance, yet they have long been viewed either as a potential source of injustice or a critical element of defining the risk. The Insurance Act 2015 sought to redress the imbalance between insurer and assured, but did it do so effectively, or has it created uncertainty or unfairness? This session aims to review the key legislative provisions, as well as their likely interpretation by the Courts, with a view to explaining what defences may be available where breach of warranty is in issue.  

Presenters: Peter MacDonald Eggers QC, Barrister, 7 King’s Bench Walk

Richard Sarll, Barrister, 7 King’s Bench Walk


Panel: Improving Communication Between Parties Involved in an Incident

This fireside chat discusses the issues of concern to salvors and explores the ways in which hull, P&I and cargo interests can all join the conversation earlier in the wake of a casualty.

Moderator: Capt. John Owen, Director, Bernicia Marine Consultants Limited

Stephan Hennig,The Secretary of State’s Representative for Maritime and Salvage Intervention, Her Majesty’s Government

Sam Kendall-Marsden, Director of Claims, Standard Club

Wilco Alberda, Commercial and Claims Manager, SMIT Salvage


Luncheon and Networking


Keynote Address: The International Group and Sustainability

Sustainability is high on everyone’s agenda. In this session, Nick Shaw will talk us through the work that the International Group have been doing to ensure that there are sustainable, high levels of P&I cover available to shipowners going forward, whilst helping to improve safety, and also seeking to maintain the marine environment in the event of incidents. 

Presenter: Nick Shaw, Chief Executive Officer, International Group of P&I Clubs


Panel Discussion: Disposal of Vessels

During a salvage task, there often comes a moment when the owners and insurers need to agree whether the ship can be salved and whether the value of what can be salved justifies the cost. Sometimes the insurers will choose a lower cost option in terms of recycling yards. However, this may come at the expense of choosing the most sustainable of the recycling yards and place the owners in the position of choosing the less green option. The new European Union regulations insist all vessels have an end-of-life plan, which means there are many more ships to be recycled than facilities available. This session will discuss the issues and liabilities that may arise throughout this process and how it is regulated and enforced.

Moderator: Paul Calvert, Senior Market Services Executive – Underwriting and Claims, International Underwriting Association

Panellists: Chris Grieveson, Partner, Wikborg Rein

Francesco Zolezzi, Claims Manager, Cambiaso Risso

Jim Clark, Associate Director, MatthewsDaniel


Refreshment and Networking Break sponsored by Jensen Hughes


Presentation: Maritime Threats – Piracy and Drug Smuggling

In this presentation, Ruby will give a brief overview of current trends in narcotics smuggling in Central and South America, the risk of ship detention and crew arrest (Mexico) – IGP&I circular, contractual allocation of risk for drug smuggling and a synopsis on the correlation of the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of maritime crime.

Presenter: Ruby Hassan, Senior Claims Executive, Skuld


Panel Discussion: Casualties and Collisions

2021 has seen its fair share of casualties, from the Ever Given grounding to the X-Press Pearl. This session will include an overview of the major claims to date, discuss what happened in some of the most high-profile cases and how the industry might adapt to prevent such future events.

Moderator: Dr.Kieran Dodworth, Director of Naval Architecture, Brookes Bell

Panellists: Andrew Gray, Director and Mariner, Campbell Johnston Clark

George Margetis, Managing Director, Margetis Maritime Consulting

Richard Murray, Senior Associate, Zeiler Floyd Zadkovich LLP


Panel Discussion: Limitation of Liabilities

Limitation of liability is always a key consideration in US marine disputes, but are there parallels to be drawn with the Ever Given grounding? In this session, we look at recent cases in the US and explore the possible connections to cases further afield, including the Ever Given.

Moderator:Nick Burgess, Partner, BDM Law LLP

Panellists: Capt. John Owen, Director, Bernicia Marine Consultants Limited 

Harold Watson, Partner, Chaffe McCall LLP

David Richards, Legal Director, North Group


End of Day One


Friday 1st October



Registration and Refreshments sponsored by Jensen Hughes


Welcome Address

Daniel Creasey, Managing Director, Cannon Events


Keynote Address:  Place of Refuge – A Harbour Master’s Perspective

Harbour Masters are well versed in managing emergencies that may occur within their SHA. They may also be called upon to offer a stricken vessel a place of refuge. What do they therefore need to do to support the operation whilst ensuring that they meet their statutory duty?

Presenter: Alan McPherson, Chief Harbour Master, Forth Ports Limited


Panel Discussion: How are Claims Handled in Different Markets? 

Are all markets the same? This session will discuss the pros and cons of different business models including P&I and traditional insurance, as well as the way different regions handle claims.

Moderator: Simon Jackson, Partner, Clyde & Co LLP

Panellists: Andrew Mackenzie, Marine Claims Adjuster, Atrium Underwriters

Christian Bruze, Chief Executive Officer, Saint-Clement Risk Management

Nick Coleman, Senior Claims Executive, Gard


Keynote: The Role of the Broker

If you ask just about anyone, the role of the broker within the marine market is changing. Is claims management expertise becoming sexier and more profitable for brokers? Brokers are increasingly seeing themselves in much more of an advisory capacity. Just how important is their claims business to them? It has been argued that claims handling was always meant to be part of brokerage. Is this changing?

Participants: Peter Mellett, Managing Director, Bankserve


Refreshment and Networking Break sponsored by Jensen Hughes


Fireside Chat: War Risks

In this session, we will look at the principal differences between the Nordic Plan and English war risks conditions in the following areas: All risks and exclusions vs. named perils and exclusions; The approach to the detainment clause/deprivation of possession, the test for a CTL; CL380/LMA5403 – cyber-attack/endorsement; Compliance with BMP; Marine hull or marine war, as well as topical issues including vessel detainment for criminal investigation, marine liability claims triggering possible war claims and persons acting maliciously.

Moderator: Anders Leissner, Sanctions, Shipping and Insurance Expert, Vinge

Panellists: Christopher Zavos, Partner, Kennedys

Andreas Meidell, Partner, Thommessen


Panel Discussion: The Future of Claims

What about the human touch? We say our people are our greatest asset, but then rely more heavily on data and technology at the expense of people and there is less and less human interaction, particularly with working from home. How might this develop in the future? Does it matter that there is less human interaction than ever before? How much can we rely on data?

Moderator: David Cox, Chief Executive Officer, MatthewsDaniel

Panellists: Donal Keaney, Senior Marine Manager, Ince

Jeremy Maynard, Senior Vice President Global Marine and Cargo, Marsh Specialty

Dimitrios Kardiakopoulos, Principal Surveyor and Managing Partner, Evdemon & Partners


Luncheon and End of Conference


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